Envision Basilicata on a late May afternoon: somewhere, in the middle of a cornfield amidst the open country-side is a cluster of cardinals in their customary red cloths, blissfully taking in the cozy sunset before their eyes. This dreamy fantasy perfectly encapsulates the dual nature of Greta Boldini’s latest collection, which fluctuates between its yearning for Nature’s candour and serene mirth, as can be admired in Franco Fontana’s pastoral, landscape photography, and its fascination for the allure of Rome’s labyrinthine streets and decadent beauty, which feature prominently in the works of Fellini and Sorrentino. It is, in fact, upon this very duality that the Greta Boldini brand bases its refreshing couture vision of a simple elegance devoid of frills, and which blends together serenity and levity, as well as tradition and the contemporary.