September 2015


Can you remember what first ignited your passion for fashion?
what drew you to this profession?

We’ve always been very creative, but probably is the love for beauty that has brought us to where we’re now. The vision of an elegant and charming woman has always been a truly inspiration for us, we’ve always dreamed about creating beautiful dresses for such as special women.

What inspires you? What do you hope to inspire in others with your work?

During the creative process, everything could inspire our work. A vibrant colour, a texture, the way a woman moves. But to be more specific, lots of inspirations comes from Cinema. We share the same passion for beauty, for the aesthetic-cultural heritage of the Italian history and for refinement in details. What we hope to inspire in other people is a pure elegance, a new concept of beauty. In young designers like us, courage, perseverance and love for traditions.

Who are your target audience?

A culturated and sophisticated woman, determinated and strong, modern and yet with a retro allure.

How would you define your aesthetic? Is there anything
specifically Italian about your approach or style?

Our signature is a modern couture-allure, color-blocking, clean lines, experimenting with leather crafting techniques and handmade embroideries.
Rome has been the cradle of Italian hautecouture for years, and still it is, we’ve decided to open our atelier in Rome to get the chance to collaborate with seamstresses and embroiderers that have worked in the past for great Masters. Discovering the art and the tradition of Italian craftmanship, mixed with a fresh approach.

What would you say was important about Italian fashion and his heritage?

As lovers of our country and of course of traditions that surround it, by our point of view everything about Italian’s fashion is important. From the history of design and costume to the beauty of Italian craftmanship. Studying and working in Italy has been fundamental for our career and everyday we continue working on research, developing our technique. “Because in order to know where are you going to, you have to know where you are coming from”.


How would you describe contemporary Italian style? What is the most exciting thing happening in Italy right now?

Italian fashion is always looking ahead, most of the biggest fashion houses are Italian and this makes us so proud, modernity meets traditions, the most important thing is to preserve the iconic Italian style and glamour. During last years Italy’s fashion industry had gone through very difficult period because of the global financial crisis, it has been very interesting see how big companies began to focus on the quality of their products, on handmade craftsmanship and Made in Italy culture in order to clearly distinguish them from those of competitors, creating something unique and special. Despite the crisis not yet being over and the economic climate is so hard for young entrepreneurs, there are a lot of young italian designers like us, trying to launch their own label and this is incredibly stimulating for us! The support received by Altaroma and Vogue Italia is very important for us, a fundamental step in our career has been to take part to “Who is on next ?”, which is not only a competition but a real scouting project organized by Altaroma and Vogue Italia to promote young designers.

Tell us about the creation of your products, how are they made?

All our dresses and accessories are made in our atelier in Rome. We believe in the importance of being designers and artisans too, create something with our hands, giving life to our ideas and dreams. We love to study everything about our product, we normally start from moodboard and sketches, the selection of fabrics, leathers and colours, then we work on shapes and volumes, we love to work with the technic of Moulage because you can create a shape modeling the fabric as a sculpture. We create the prototype of each garment or accessory, lot of time is dedicated to the research of new technics on leather, fur and of course embroidery, which is all handmade in Italy.


Are you inspired by art, and if so then which artists in particular inspire you and why?

Art is always present in our work, we especially love painting. The brand’s name Greta Boldini comes from our favourites icons: Greta Garbo, expression of an elegant formal rigor and Giovanni Boldini, the great painter of the Parisian Belle Epoque. For our last collection, the SpringSummer15 we’ve been inspired by Edward Hopper and his emotional paintings, the beautiful female figures and by the urban scenes of middle-class solitude and introspection.

Can you tell us about five of your peers who inspire you? Who would you say is making the most important work in contemporary Fashion industry?

We’re inspired by the work of many contemporary designers and masters from the past, everyone for different reasons. The Master Valentino, for his emotional and eternal elegance Ms. Miuccia Prada, for her intellectual and introspective approach to fashion The legendary  Mr. Karl Lagerfeld for his iconic style and because he’s constantly looking ahead Mr. Alber Elbaz for his ability to bring joy in fashion. The creative duo at Valentino, Ms. MariaGrazia Chiuri and Mr. Pierpaolo Piccioli are probably our greatest inspiration. See how they have modernized the brand without changing its signature and forgetting its past, is a great lesson. We love their passion, rigor, tenacity and the respect for Valentino’s house signature


What is the most important thing for a designer in any medium to remember? what would be your advice for young designers?

Fashion has always been a form of art, a way to express ourselves. Is dream, is an idea, is power. But don’t forget that a fashion designer designs clothes, basically. Always think about the final customer, women loves to be surprised but also want to spend their money for real clothes, a wellmade and wearable dress, they want to be beautiful, selfconfident and unique. Is all about finding the perfect balance between dream and wearability.


What in life do you still want to achieve? What do you feel satisfied you have achieved already?

Our dream is growing our company, in a very genuinely way. Explore new markets and expand our business. Never stop learning, looking for new opportunity and experience, we’re always very curious. After the “Who is on next?” competition, a great year has passed, our company has made significant progress and we’re so satisfied but this is just a starting point for us. All the goals reached encourage us to improve and try to make better and better, working severely and persistently.

Please tell us about five things from Italian culture you are currently inspired by?

1- Rome inspires us every day, the history, the magnificence and opulence of the Roman buildings, everyday you can discover new beautiful details. 2- The concept of Italian lifestyle, a genuine life surrounded by a peaceful nature. 3- We love Italian greatest artists from the past such as Bernini and Italian contemporary architects like Renzo Piano. 4- Italian fashion manufacturers and artisans. 5- Italian Cinema icons like Fellini and Mastroianni

What do you love in life? What do you hate in life?

The Time – time is the new luxury, so precious and rare. Injustice, in any form





Photography | Michela Nale

Art Direction | Ava Roeg

Styling | Caminito Gasparro

Make-up | Julia Wilson

Hair |Atsushi