Fragments of everyday life. Little emotions which day after day define the personal journey of every woman… victories, defeats, sacrifices and hopes. It’s not about a single, striking emotional moment. It’s the collection of many, very little moments, which sum up and define the path to discover ourselves. For the Fall/Winter 2019 season, Greta Boldini creative director Alexander Flagella creates a sort of modern Divine Comedy. The protagonist is a woman, who has to face her worries, obsessions, weaknesses, sins and desires. During her allegoric journey to discover her deepest emotions, she crosses a forest in the Burgundy region to reach the beating heart of the Parisian night life. From here, she seeks refuge in the green grazing lands of Normandy to finally find her inner peace in the Mont Saint-Michel bay. Along the way she collects emotions she has never experienced before, her eyes see new colors and her heart beats with a new rhythm. These suggestions reflect in her wardrobe, which, in keeping with the brand’s signature intellectual and refined aesthetic, is updated with a new comfortable and welcoming sense of humanity. Nineties’ influences are combined with timeless refinement rooted in the Italian artisanal tradition. Greta Boldini offers a spontaneous and emotional ready-to-wear worked in a rich color palette, which, taking inspiration from the Divine Comedy, touches different notes. The dark tones of black, oil and burgundy juxtaposed to leopard motifs recall the atmosphere of the Hell, while the medium shades of green, cream white and tobacco echo the mood of the Purgatory. The purity of Paradise is symbolized by the delicate hues of light blue and pink, – this last tone protagonist of a print celebrating the last verse of the Divine Comedy.