Accepting the present and future’s romanticism: these are the themes around fall | winter 18|19 collection. With this collection I would like to try to describe the honest, deep and malinconic romanticism of Greta Boldini. Greta Boldini is romantic as we put the emotions over the real world and we create this through our eyes. A romanticism that looks to the future, a romantic future. Romantic as we look at the future dreadfully, hopefully and also fearfully, trying to create an emotions theatre. The name of the collection has been taken from a Spike Jonze’s movie that describes softly the great disease of our generation: depression. It does also give you the antidote: love. The future becomes a nostalgic and romantic vision where there is no room for hate even if depression is taken over you. Changing the reality with our vision is the greatest form of rebellion. Today and now. Trying to defend our subjectivity in this connected and globalised world is our value. Is freedom of choice. Equilibrium. Intimity. Love. Leaving with excessive happiness. This is the revolution. This is salvation. Life.