ph. Julia Morozova

Alexander Flagella, was born in 1984 in Val di Susa, near Turin, and demonstrated an artistic predisposition from the outset. Having finished his secondary school studies in a liceo scientifico, he went on to the Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence, where he obtained a diploma in Fashion Design. His work experience has seen him mostly manufacturing artisan, hand-made goods in leather shops. In 2011, he started a joint-venture with Michela Musco, thus founding Greta Boldini, which he based in the heart of Rome. The brand’s aim was, and still is, to produce high quality couture, combined with the designer’s passion for leather. As its sole creative director since 2016, Alexander transferred the establishment from Rome to his hometown on the outskirts of Turin, just a stone’s throw from the core of Made-in-Italy and luxury.

Alexander, an avid admirer of photography, cinema and art in all its facets, has made a life-style of his profession.